From Sunday 1 April, VOSA will apply new fees for the annual test and for operator licensing.
VOSA continues to support the transport industry by avoiding any general increases for the third year running. Most of the changes taking place will transfer costs between customers.
Most vehicle tests at Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs) will now carry lower costs, as VOSA fees for testing at ATFs will reduce slightly, while fees for testing at VOSA sites will increase slightly.
The part of the fee for full tests that goes towards encouraging and enforcing the safe and legal operation of HGVs and PSVs will remain the same. VOSA will continue to use intelligence and reporting to make sure our resources are directed where they’re most needed.
For HGV operators, applications for new O-licences – or for varying or continuing O-licences – will see a small increase of 1.6%, still well below the rate of inflation. This revenue will be put towards the creation and upkeep of a national register of licensed operators and transport managers.
The national register helps road safety agencies in European Union member states to share information about operators and transport managers. This will help to create a more level playing field for international transport operations and further help to make sure that VOSA’s enforcement resources are used efficiently and effectively.
PSV operators will also be affected by the 1.6% change to O-licence application and variation fees. Fees for standard and restricted PSV O-licence applications are being equalised, so those applying for standard licences will see their fees fall, while the fees for restricted PSV O-licence applications will rise.
VOSA Chief Executive Alastair Peoples says “We understand the financial pressures operators are under. That is why I am delighted that we have been able to avoid any general increase in fees for the third year running.”
These fees will go live from Sunday 1 April. Operators will need to give some thought to how this will affect their pre-funded accounts.

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